13 Yr. Old Mikaela Smith Brown Girl Magic Movement Brings Girls Together

Mikaela Smith


That’s what 13 year old Mikaela  Smith is doing, being inspirational.  The 13 year old aspiring actress  started a sock drive when she was 11 so that homeless children in her hometown could stay warm, then she started the Brown Girl Magic Movement to highlight kids doing positive things in their community, and now she has put together her own Brown Girl Magic Conference to help other girls of color dream big. 

Mikaela SmithMikaela told Madame Noire that she started the Brown Girl Magic movement so that girls could come together in a positive way, cheer each other on, feel good about themselves, and without all the shade.

I started the movement because I really wanted girls to come together in a positive way and feel good about themselves and to know that they are not alone. I wanted to create a sisterhood and let them know that there are girls like me who are cheering for her friends instead of being mean or shady. I’ve had my share of being bullied and picked on by girls and we must put an end to that. Girls have enough issues dealing with how they look on a daily basis, so we definitely don’t need to be negative toward each other. Too much of that is going on so I wanted to make a change by bringing brown girls together for a good cause and to hear positive words that would heal them.

Learn more about Mikaela at BrownGirlMagic.com


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