A Group Doesn’t Want Pastor Jamal Bryant as the Keynote Speaker at MLK Day Breakfast Because He Preaches That Homosexuality Is a Sin


A group is seeking to have  Rev. Jamal H. Bryant, uninvited as keynote speaker of a Martin Luther King Day breakfast in Florida after learning the activist and charismatic leader has preached that homosexuality is “a sin.”

jamal-bryantIn a video posted in 2012, the pastor of the 12,000-member Empowerment Temple preached:

“Something is wrong with the church when the church starts apologizing for God’s precedent,” said Bryant. “I don’t care if it’s the president, the governor, or the mayor, I don’t serve them. I serve God. You ain’t got to invite me to no luncheon. I ain’t got to pray in City Hall.”

“Homosexuality is not the only sin, but it is a sin. It is not an alternative lifestyle, it is an alternative rebellion.”

Susan McGrath, chairwoman of the Pinellas County Democratic Party and president of the Stonewall Democrats, the county chapter of the LGBT caucus, said Martin Luther King Day should focus on unity and inclusively.

“I think it’s important in the spirit of Dr. King that the voices represent everyone, that everyone has a seat at the table,” McGrath said. “I understand that Rev. Bryant has done some good work, but he has been visibly clear in his beliefs about gay people, and unfortunately they’re not inclusive.”

A spokeswoman for Dr. Bryant said he still planned to speak at the event and had no further comment.

Check out the sermon:



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