Actress Danielle Brooks Sounds Off On Dove’s Offensive Ad

Actress Danielle Brooks Responds To Dove's Offensive Ad

Danielle Brooks
Actress Danielle Brooks sounds off on Dove’s offensive ad in an essay posted on the Lenny Letter

In the essay titled “Did Dove Just Call Me Dirty” Danielle shares that she found out about the offensive ad scrolling through twitter.

 I pause. Scratch my head. Think for a minute. Wait. Dove, you want me to believe that using your soap will turn my skin into that of a white woman? No — that can’t be it. You want me to believe being black isn’t clean? You want me to believe that black = dirt and white = purity and using your soap will make me clean? Got it. You’re telling me my skin, the deep, rich melanin that I was born with and cannot change, is filthy. Got it.Danielle Brooks

She goes on to thank Dove for the apology, but then asks if they know what they’re apologizing for.

And Dove, I understand that you’ve apologized for your racist, “missed the mark” ad. Good for you; we should apologize when we offend others. But do you even know what you are apologizing for? I appreciate your expression of “deep regret,” but what is it exactly that you regret?

In the past, you have shown your commitment to “thoughtfully representing women of color.” I even participated in one of those ad campaigns myself, and I was proud to be a part of it. Do you regret taking that feeling from me?

You were disrespectful, Dove. Thank you for the apology, because I was hurt by this.Thank you for reminding me that it’s not only about seeing more representation. The way in which we see representation is what truly matters. And thank you for reminding me that the whispering monster still lives, that it has not been vanquished. Thank you for reminding me that the “Black Girl Magic” and “My Melanin Is Poppin” T-shirts and jewelry I rock aren’t just statements of pride. They are armor, armor against the sneak attacks like the one I experienced over my breakfast yesterday.


Read the full essay HERE



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