Patrice Lovely

Patrice Lovely who plays Hattie Mae Love on Tyler Perry’s ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ is sad to see the show go off the air, but the actress will be keeping busy with roles in Boo 2! A Madea Halloween and Madea’s Family Funeral.  She recently discussed what it’s like working with Tyler Perry and a little about the upcoming movies with Rollingout.

Patrice LovelyI’m sure Tyler already has his next five movies planned out. Boo 2! is coming out in October and you’re in that, right?

Yes! Yes! And when I tell you funny — he outdid himself once again. I thought Boo! 1 was crazy, but Boo 2!, baby when I tell you that man, it’s really something wrong with him — something’s wrong with us too, ’cause we fall right into the groove with him. Ooh, Tyler should be ashamed of himself with the stuff he comes up with and puts down on paper. And we be looking at him like, really? really, Tyler?

Madea’s Family Funeral is coming out next year and Hattie in also in that. Tell us about it.

He’s been keeping us busy. Again, Tyler is just a genius. He’s so far ahead it’s just ridiculous. God uses him to bless the Earth. The Bible says that “laughter is good like a medicine,” and there’s so much going on and so many reasons you have not to smile. But God uses this man, I honestly believe it’s like four or five of him with all the stuff that he does and the energy it takes to do all of that. I have worked with Tyler for years now, and the writing just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I definitely know it’s gonna be something for the family to go see.

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