Alexis Spight Shares Her Story Of Losing It All But #AllIsNotLost

Alexis Spight

Alexis Spight, who is gearing up for her first ever live recording “All Is Not Lost” shared with fans her story of losing it all, being lost and learning to fight on her face.  The singer revealed that even though she had a single in the top ten, that she lost everything that was tangible in her life, and she came home to an empty house. Read Alexis testimony and be encouraged:

Alexis SpightI lost EVERYTHING valuably tangible that I OWNED!!! I had a whole career, my single was in the top ten in the country, but I still came home and slept on the carpet. I preferred being on the road because the hotels had a bed.

She continued,

I was told if a particular person wasn’t asking program directors to play my music, I wouldn’t get any dates. I was so lost… I thought I lost everything…. it felt like the floor was pulled from me… I thought I was gunna lose my mind with the rest of what I’d lost. But GOD !!! Today I’m #Stronger because I learned not to fight with carnal weapons; I fought on my FACE !!! 

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