Anika Noni Rose: “Work Begets Works” As She Stars In The Quad On BET

Anika Noni Rose

This is Anika Noni Rose time!  Her supporting roles in movies like  Dreamgirls,  voicing Disney’s first black princess in 2009’s The Princess and the Frog, and the Roots Remake have prepared her for such a time as this.  The gifted singer and actress now takes over BET on Wednesday nights as the lead character in  The Quad, the new scripted drama about college life at Georgia A&M, a historically black university where the marching band is as prestigious as athletics and education

Anika Noni Rose“I know these people have been watching me for a long time, so everything I did led up to this because they’ve been paying attention,” she said. “They know they hired somebody who is capable and professional and coming to give it their all.”

“Work begets work,” Rose affirms.


Amen to that!


Photo: Zimbio


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