Barack Obama Recognized By Historians As One Of The Best President’s Ever

Barack Obama

Nobody can deny that former President Barack Obama accomplished a lot while serving as President of the United States of America, but he did it with dignity, class and grace.  Those accomplishments and that grace landed him on a list of the best presidents in U.S. History. Barack ObamaA C-SPAN survey of 91 presidential historians ranked Obama as the 12th best U.S. President ever, reports TIME.

Barack Obama has been whisked to a very good table at the club of former presidents, according to a C-SPAN survey of 91 presidential historians published on Friday. Obama’s 12th-place ranking only a month after leaving office is the best for any president since Ronald Reagan, who ranks ninth in the new survey. The list updates previous C-SPAN surveys compiled in 2009 and 2000.

Historians gave Obama high marks for pursuing equality, managing the economy, public persuasion and “moral authority.” On the other hand, he was judged to have been below-average in handling international relations. Overall, he placed ahead of such generally well-regarded chief executives as James Monroe and James Polk.

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