Hillsong Church, NYC Pastor Carl Lentz Being Criticized For Reportedly Taking A Drink With Justin Bieber

Carl Lentz

Hillsong Church, NYC pastor, Carl Lentz is being criticized by fellow Christians for reportedly taking a drink with his mentee, Justin Bieber during a Hillsong conference in New Zealand.

Carl LentzBieber and Pastor Lentz have grown close over the years, Lentz not only baptized the Biebs, but  he is also being credited for the pop star transformation.

During Hillsong’s conference in New Zealand in March, photographers took photos of Bieber drinking with pastor Lentz.. Now the photos are catching the attention of the Christian community, and some Christians have  something to say.

Pastor Joe Schimmel of Blessed Hope Chapel in Simi Valley, California, and Good Fight Ministries penned a letter on Christian News  rebuking Lentz’s actions.

“[T]he chief concern from these images has to be how someone, who calls himself a pastor, is engaging in such an activity with someone who has a history of abusing substances,” pastor Joe Schimmel said. “How can Lentz give an account for himself when he takes shots alongside someone who has been arrested and pleaded guilty to DWI?”

He said that the images of Lentz joining in with Bieber “do nothing but paint a picture of someone who is being influenced by the world rather than edifying and building up a young man in his walk.”

He continued,
“As Christians, we are not to walk as the world does. We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession. How must this look to the non-believing world?” Schimmel asked. “Is it normative behavior for the Christian? Is it the sort of behavior that a shepherd leading his flock should engage in? That is not what I read when I pick up my Bible.”
What do you think? Is Pastor Carl Lentz wrong?

What do you think?