Christian Film ‘Altar Egos’ Coming To DVD September 5th

Altar Egos

Christian film Altar Egos will be available on DVD starting September 5th.  If you’re looking for a faith based film with some humor, then this is the movie for you.

Altar EgosAbout Altar Egos:

Desperate to see their church grow, Pastor John (Robert Amaya) and wife Betsy (Erin Bethea) do the unthinkable and change their church Christmas pageant. Flabbergasted, elderly choir director Mary Margaret (Sallie Wanchisn) leads the choir to boycott. Facing termination, Pastor John resorts to disguising himself as an old man to bridge the generation gap, win over Mary, and lead the choir back to the church. When he discovers that the wounds run deeper than he first suspected, Pastor John must learn to love the unlovable or risk the ruin of his church and family. Also stars Victoria Jackson.



Altar Egos takes you on a journey of what every church goes through that’s stuck in tradition, and not understanding how to bridge the generational gap.

The movie takes us on the journey of Pastor John, who takes over his father’s church.  In Pastor John’s attempt to do things a little different, he  is met by resistance from elder member Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret, who seems to be very bitter, is over everything in the church, from teaching Bible class to leading the choir.

Pastor John realizes that in order to win Mary Margaret over, he has to do some unconventional disguising himself as a senior citizen.

In the process Pastor John realizes that the resistance, he was met with from Mary Margaret is actually a camouflage for some deep hurt, that only love can heal.

Altar Egos is a good  family night movie, that will have you laughing and reflecting on how we as Christians can do a better job of merging tradition with our vision for the future.

Check out the movie trailer for Altar Egos and learn more about the movie HERE

Want a FREE DVD copy of Altar Egos?  Leave a comment below on how you’ve handled people who are stuck in tradition in the church, and what the outcome was.

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  1. First I pray a lot and then very delicately broach the subject. I sort of hint around to see how they feel about something and then once I know their position I start a conversation aimed at seeing if I can get them to my point of view. If all that fails I will go to the pastor and ask his help in talking to the person. If all that fails I will usually give up instead of causing discord in the church.

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