Christian Hip Hop Artist Tobymac Talks His Definition Of Success


Tobymac doesn’t equate nice cars, big houses etc. to success, but if the people love his music… that’s success for the Christian Hip-Hop artist. 


“If people liked the music that night, that would’ve been a success,” the music producer said.

On appealing to all audiences:

“I think you try to be as transparent as you can be with it, meaning write about what you’re living – the good, the bad and the ugly of it,” McKeehan said. “I by no means have it all together.

He continued:

“I have failed people, and sometimes I’m there for people, and I write about all those things,” he said. “I want to be really clear that I’m not claiming to have life dialed in. It’s a road I’m walking with people I love and I know they love me.”

On sharing his faith through his music:

“If you’re making music, you’re standing on a platform and people are watching you,” he said. “Not everybody wants to live the same way, so for me, I feel a responsibility to share it.


Source: Cleveland Times

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