Christian Rapper Dee-1 Is Helping Folks Pay Off Student Loans


Teacher, turned Christian rapper, Dee- 1 is helping folks pay off their student loans.  The rapper has teamed up with Sallie Mae in a contest called “Pays to Repay,” the rapper offered fans who attended college an opportunity to win $10,000 to pay off their student debts. The contest called for people to answer the question: “How did paying for college have a positive effect on your future?” He announced the winners on his twitter page.

Dee-1In a statement on the Sallie Mae student loan website, Dee-1 spoke about why he chose to focus on the matter.

The rapper  was just on the red carpet at the 2017 Oscars, as part of Price Water House Coopers “Purpose On The Carpet Initiative, ”  where they take a moment during the Oscars red carpet and speak to who they call the “real winners” – people who have the ability to link to a larger sense of humanity and bring purpose into their personal and professional lives.  Rapper Dee-1 was one of those people chosen.


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