#ChristianTwitter Calls Lecrae Wishy Washy After BET Awards Acceptance Speech


Christian twitter is feeling some kind of way about Lecrae’s acceptance speech after winning the BET Award for Best Gospel/Inspirational Album.

During his acceptance speech, Lecrae stated that,”I’m not gospel, I just rap” and that left a lot of Christian’s on twitter calling the rapper, wishy washy, and a lukewarm Christian.

Another Twitter follower wrote:

Lecrae did start off his acceptance speech thanking God, but it was those words  “I’m not gospel, I just rap” that left folks with a bad taste in their mouth.

Not to defend Lecrae, well yea I am defending him, he never said he wasn’t a Christian.  He’s always professed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  What I believe the rapper who told us years ago he didn’t want to be labeled a “Christian rapper” is trying to get all of us to understand is that he doesn’t want to be boxed in.

The rapper makes it clear that he uses his gifts for the “GOOD” of the culture, and we should be okay with that right?

Check out his acceptance speech below and share your thoughts.  Should Christians be mad?

What do you think?