Cory Booker & Yara Shahidi Encourage Girls At Glamour Girls Event

Senator Cory Booker and Actress Yara Shahidi Encourage Girls At Glamour Girls Project Event

Yara Shahidi
Senator Cory Booker and actress/advocate Yara Shahidi spent International Day of the Girl, encouraging school age girls at the Glamour Girls Project event.

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Senator Booker encouraged the girls to demand things change! To raise their voice!

“This is so reprehensible, I’m happy it’s coming out,” Booker said. “It’s painful to me to say as a man . . . you are somehow not going to experience overt sexism or not necessarily experience harassment in your lives. My hope is that you have the fortitude and strength, which I know you do, to reject it, to not accept it, to call people out, to raise your voice, to demand things change,” the Senator shared.Yara Shahidi

The star of Grown-ish, Yara Shahidi, encouraged the girls to take charge of their education.

“Like our ancestors before us, and like the women in my family have demonstrated to me, we must make space for us. And when we look around, we’re surrounded by resources, a wealth of knowledge to be unlocked in everything around us—from Tumblr posts, to Instagram, and movies, and of course novels. Because within Frank Ocean lyrics are the same stories as in Toni Morrison’s tales of Pecola Breedlove in “The Bluest Eye.” And within Marvel’s X men is actually an allegory for the Civil Rights movement and later the LGBTQ movement. And within Ava Duvernay’s work is not only a spotlight being shined on our beauty, but we are witnessing a woman crashing through the boundaries before her. And finally, the most monumental thing that we, in this room, can do, is support one another. And with this support we can create a network so strong that no one, no textbook, no class, no policy, no man, no politician, can have the audacity to ignore us.”

Glamour magazines, The Girl Project, give girls the tools they need to finish school and follow their dreams.



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