Deborah Joy Winans Shares How She Landed Her Role On OWN’s Greenleaf

Deborah Joy Winans

Deborah Joy Winans reveals how she landed the role of Charity Greenleaf on the OWN hit church drama “Greenleaf.”

The actress who got her  BFA at Wayne State. Moved to LA and got her MFA from Cal Arts in acting worked hard to get where she is today.

Deborah Joy Winans on landing the role of Charity Greenleaf:

Via RollingOut:

I’ve traveled professionally with theater, but the only thing I did TV wise was the Lifetime Movie “Whitney”, where I played my aunt CeCe in a very, very small role, I think I had maybe two lines. I’m still very grateful for it, but that was all I had. But, when we were doing a workshop of the musical that I’m currently in called Born For This, we did a workshop in NY in March of 2015, and Ms. Winfrey came to one of the presentations, and she remembered me from there. She reached out a couple months after that and asked for my headshot and my resume. Once I sent those out to her, she called. It was very shocking. I couldn’t believe she called my phone.

Deborah Joy WinansIt was a moment that my husband and I will always remember. She called and said that she couldn’t get me out of her mind for that particular role, and she mentioned it to the network, unfortunately no one knew who I was. And she said that was OK, because she believed in me and she felt like they would see what she saw when it was time for me to audition. I auditioned about a month and a half later. We put my deal together. Then I did one more audition in front of the writer/creator Craig Wright for the studio and the network and the next day I got the call.

Make sure you catch Deborah Joy Winans, Wednesday nights on Greenleaf on the Oprah Winfrey Network.



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