Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Talks Self Love & Self Confidence


Grammy award-winning gospel artist, Erica Campbell posted a photo of a young girl with freckles on her face, holding a banana.  Erica revealed that the photo  reminded her of herself when she was 22 years old, with bad acne and someone playfully told her she looked like a rotten banana. Erica went on to say she was proud of the girl in the pic (that she does not know) self-love and self-confidence.

12558327_463762783825291_1998865804_nBy @blackgirlsblock I don’t know this beautiful girl. But this picture reminds me of when I was 22, and I had really bad acne and someone playfully told me I looked like a rotten banana. I pretended that I didn’t care, but it really hurt my feelings. Of course, now that I’m grown and very sure and secure about myself, seeing this picture reminds me of that day! I’m very proud of this young girl and her self-love and self-confidence and her beautiful freckles! I know that we go through stages in life we have good days and bad ones. We will have ppl who applaud us and others that will make fun of everything they can make fun of. It all serves a purpose! It makes us tough and makes us look inside of ourselves for Love and acceptance and not rely on the opinions of others. I was beautiful then acne and all and I’m beautiful now. Sometimes Bully’s help us grow! I was tough then and I’m tough now #reflecting #selflove#selfconfidence #ididntcry

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