Quick Quotes: Fantasia Is A Fan Of Gospel Singer Maranda Curtis

Maranda Curtis

Fantasia shared with her followers that she had an experience in her hotel room after listening to Maranda Curtis new CD ‘The Experience Vol. 1’

I’m begging all those who Follow me and even those who don’t Follow and you come on to see what’s going on from time to time. Go and Purchase Maranda Curtis Worship Album OMG!! True Worshippppppppppp!!! She’s not playing with Abba, she’s Truly chasing him and him alone. You can feel it.. You Guys I just had such an Experience in my Hotel Room.

Fantasia continued,

I don’t know her, but I would travel the world to be in a room of Worship and To be in the presence of the Holies of holy (Abba Father) Thank You Young Lady for your Work, your Gift and your Fight. It’s showtime and I’m lifted, covered and ready. Someone just sent me her IG @marandacurtis 🙏🏾

Check out Maranda Curtis doing what she does best:


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