Fantasia: Gaining More Wisdom & Knowledge Through Reading The Good Book


Fantasia went out for Chinese with her family, and posted  her fortune cookie to the gram that read “your career is about to take off,” the singer  told her followers that it was nothing but the truth.  The I Made It singer went on to reveal that she is walking in nothing but faith and understanding,  and  gaining more wisdom and knowledge from the good Book. #Amen

“Getting prepared for the #WinItTour and I’m in such a different place across the board. Ready to go higher and walking closely with a special group of people that God hand-picked and placed in my life. Walking in nothing but faith and understanding. I’m gaining more wisdom and knowledge through the good book. Last night I went out to eat with my family and my fortune cookie was nothing but the truth!!”Fantasia

Fantasia is also celebrating love this Valentine’s Day,  the newlywed is asking fans to submit their wedding photos to her by Wednesday (Feb. 8th) for a chance to be featured in a special fan video based off the concept of her “When I Met You” video where we see her marry her husband, Kendall Taylor.

To participate email photo’s to, in the meantime, take a look at When I Met You:


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