Fonzworth Bentley & Wife Guest Star On Bounce TV’s ‘Family Time’

Fonzworth Bentley
Derek Fonzworth Bentley Watkins and his gorgeous wife Faune Chambers make a guest appearance on Bounce TV’s Family TimeMonday night.

Fonzworth and Faune play husband and wife, Regina, and Mark whose daughter is dating the son of Tony and Lisa Stallworth.   There is also another twist, Regina is also an old love interest of Tony Stallworth.  Things get a little out of hand when the couples start throwing shade at each other, when they should be coming together for their children.

Family Time stars Omar Gooding, and Angell Conwell as Tony and Lisa Stallworth.

The last time we saw Fonzworth and Faune together on TV, was during an episode of Preachers of LA.

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