Fred K. Price Jr.

Fred K. Price Jr. has announced he is stepping down as the pastor of the Crenshaw Christian Center, due to “personal misjudgments”

Fred K. Price Jr.Price made the announcement in front of his congregation on Sunday with his wife by his side.

“Approximately a month ago I came before you to announce that I would be taking a three-week sabbatical. Well, I‘m here today to give you an update. I have struggled with,”

“I have struggled with and am correcting and making amends for serious personal misjudgments which have affected my life and my family and which I deeply regret. I have betrayed the trust of God, my family and you my church and for that I am so sorry. Therefore, I’m gonna step down as pastor at this time,” he said as the congregation yelled out “NO!”

Price then pleaded with the congregation to allow him to finish, as he explained to them his plan for restoration.

“I have submitted myself to my fathers, our apostles’ plan of restoration, chief among those is I will be attending Sunday service starting next week and throughout the year, so that I can hear the Word and be restored in order to fulfill the call on my life to ministry. In closing I would like to ask that you respect my family’s privacy while we work through this personal situation. I thank you all for the support you have given me. As pastor, I love you all and I solicit your prayers during this difficult time,” he ended as the congregation yelled they loved him and that God is great.

Price took over the congregation 8 years ago, after his father Frederick K.C. Price passed the baton to him.


Pic Credit: Charisma News

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