Fuller House Will Celebrate Full House 30th Anniversary In Season 3 Premiere [VIDEO]


Fuller House upcoming third season, whose premiere date is Friday, Sept. 22nd  just so happens to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original show “Full House” cool right?

In the newly released footage by Netflix, Danny, Jesse and Joey arrive to celebrate the day that Jesse and Joey first moved in to help raise D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. Not only do they recreate their entrances from Full House‘s 1987 pilot, but the men are wearing the same exact outfits.

When Fuller House wrapped its second season there were a few major life events: Jesse and Becky adopted a baby girl, named after Danny’s late wife; Steve proposed to C.J., following a brief misunderstanding with D.J., who’s obviously still in love with him; and Stephanie grew surprisingly close to Kimmy’s younger brother Jimmy.

Will you be watching?


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