Get Ready The Judgement’s Coming OWN Has Released Another Greenleaf Teaser


Get ready the judgement’s coming!!!!!  OWN has released another season 2 teaser for its hit church drama, Greenleaf.  Based off the teaser we are in for a ride when the show returns in March.

GreenleafOprah on why she has shows like the hit church drama on her network.

“I’m trying to nourish the spirit and the soul of anybody who turns on our channel and wants to be entertained. I want them to be fed humor. I want them to be fed drama. I want them to be fed something that’s meaningful,” Oprah says, “and that is ultimately why I have a network and am in the business of creating stories, because I want people to be fed and to come away feeling, ‘That was worth my time.’”

Check out the teaser for season 2:

Greenleaf returns March 15th on OWN

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