Hillary Rodman Clinton Wants To Preach The Good News

Hillary Clinton

Can Hillary Clinton make the transition from  politician to preacher?

Hillary Clinton’s pastor, Rev. Dr. William S. Shillady,  of the United Methodist Church, think so.  The Rev. revealed in an interview with CNN, that Clinton’s  loss to Trump, has sparked a desire in her to work for the Lord from the pulpit.

Rev. Shillady, is doing media rounds to promote his book ‘Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodman Clinton, which is a book of  inspirational scriptures he sent Clinton during the Presidential election.

Below is what the Rev. said to CNN regarding Mrs. Clinton becoming a preacher:

We were having a photo shoot for the book and chatting about preaching and she said, ‘Bill, I think I’d like to preach.’ In United Methodism, there’s a tradition of having laypeople preach from the pulpit, and I think she’s going to look at occasionally doing that and sharing the good news without it being a politically charged environment,” Shillady said.

He went on to say Clinton would make a great preacher:

“She is very comfortable in the pulpit. It’s something that comes naturally to her, and she knows the Bible. That’s why I think she’d make a great preacher,” he said.

What do you think?