Hillsong Young & Free Releases New Single ‘Love Won’t Let Me Down’

Hillsong Young

GRAMMY® nominated Hillsong Young & Free has released a brand new single, Love Won’t Let Me Down. 

The group  has also released an acoustic and a lyric video for the single  on YouTube that has garnered over a half million first-week views.Hillsong Young

“All throughout Scripture you will find references to Gods unfailing love,” says Laura Toggs of Hillsong Young & Free. “Within the reality of our earthly relationships, we can find ourselves with broken friendships, dysfunctional families, heartbreak and disappointments. But the beauty of a relationship with Jesus, is that we can take Him at His word and trust in a love that does not, cannot, and will not fail us. ‘Love Won’t Let Me Down’ inspires me to rejoice in the reality of what I am declaringand I love that singing out a promise such as this unleashes praise from our hearts. So good!”

Hillsong Young & Free is a youth movement and EDM/Pop group born out of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia; and continues to redefine Christian music to the masses with their projects. In their 30-year history, Hillsong Young & Free has seen generations of people serving, leading and pioneering movements. The group is comprised of a collective of young people who come together to make music for youth and young adults everywhere.

Check out the acoustic version of ‘Love Won’t Let Me Down’

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