‘The Child In Time’ Trailer About A Grieving Father Of A Missing Child [VIDEO]

Ian McEwan

Masterpiece has released the  first trailer for  ‘The Child In Time’ movie.  Based on the novel by Ian McEwan, ‘The Child In Time’  follows one father’s grief after his young daughter is abducted during a shopping trip.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the grieving father,  and Kelly Macdonald stars as his wife.

Ian McEwanThe movie is about Stephen Lewis, a successful children’s book author whose daughter suddenly goes missing. Set two years after the girl’s disappearance, The Child In Time follows Lewis as he struggles to find purpose in his life without her. His wife Julie (Macdonald) has left him, and his best friends Charles (Campbell Moore) and Thelma (Saskia Reeves) have retired to the countryside, battling demons of their own. The film explores the dark territory of a marriage devastated, the loss of childhood, the fluidity of time, grief, hope and acceptance.

In the trailer, the happily married couple are left with their lives torn apart when their daughter disappears under Stephen’s care. Although it is yet to be revealed when the drama will air, Benedict has opened up about starring in the show, saying: “I read the novel years ago and it stayed with me – profound, beautiful and very moving. Only Ian McEwan could write about loss with such telling honesty.

Check out the trailer:

The Child In Time will air on MASTERPIECE on PBS in 2018.


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