JJ Hairston Wants People To Have An Experience With God

JJ Hairston

JJ Hairston wants fans to have an experience with God every time his group sings.  The Stellar Award winning choir director shared with RollingOut that that’s his desire, and it seems like it’s happening so far. Check it out:

JJ HairstonWhat inspires you to perform?
I would say our biggest inspiration is the ability and the desire to have an uplifting experience wherever we go. I really want people to forget about what they are dealing with, and whatever issues they are facing, and just have an experience with God every time we sing. That is our desire, and it seems like it is happening so far.

How would you describe you brand of music?
I have heard it called urban praise and worship, and that is about the best way to describe it. It is church driven, Black culture, church driven even, but it lends itself to any culture.



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