Jordin Sparks & Todd Dulaney Starring in “King Solomon Lives” Musical


Christian actress, Jordin Sparks is starring in King Solomon Lives “A Nubian Love Story”  musical/play with gospel recording artist, Todd Dulaney.  The play, which has Sparks playing, Queen Sheba, and Delaney portraying King Solomon will make its debut in Los Angeles, California, on May 13 for Mother’s Day weekend.

Todd DulaneyThe play, written by playwright Danny Hodges,  follows a 10-year-old boy named David who is struggling with his single-parent household after witnessing his father leave.

When tensions run high between David and his mother, the boy’s grandfather comforts him with the story of King Solomon and his love for Queen Sheba until he falls asleep dreaming of the story.

“As the audience experiences David’s magical dream, we are remarkably transported to the year 976 B.C.,” according to a description of the play. “This time capsule takes the audience on an incredible journey to the past as this great love story unfolds before their eyes.

You can purchase tickets to the play HERE




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