Katherine Jackson Under Dr.’s Care In London

Katherine Jackson

The Jackson family matriarch, Katherine Jackson, is under a doctor’s care in London, where she has been staying with daughters, Janet Jackson and Rebbie Jackson according to court filings on Wednesday.

Katherine JacksonIn  legal documents filed Wednesday, Mrs. Jackson stated that  she is ‘under a doctor’s care’ in London, England, ‘in part because of the stress this situation with Trent is causing me.’

Trent is the nephew in law (on her husband’s Joe Jackson side)  who had been living in a guest house on the grounds of her Calabasas, California, home after serving for years as her personal driver.

Mrs. Jackson was granted a temporary restraining order against Trent back on Feb. 9th.Katherine Jackson

In a sworn statement, Katherine’s daughter Rebbie, who is with her in London, said that Trent failed to call paramedics when her mother ‘passed out’ as Trent was driving her to Las Vegas.

‘Instead of calling an ambulance, Trent called one of my nephews who told him to take her to the hospital,’ Rebbie wrote.

‘The doctors at the hospital said she was dehydrated and had high blood pressure. Instead of bringing her home where she wanted to be, Trent took her to a hotel in Santa Monica – again away from her kids.’

Goodness, I pray that her kids put whatever they have going on to the side, and take care of their own mother.

Photo Credit: E News


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