KeKe Wyatt Says She Has An Anointing For Motherhood

KeKe Wyatt

Singer, KeKe Wyatt, who recently revealed that she is expecting baby #9 with  husband, Michael Jamar who is an ordained minister,  told the CP that she has an anointing for motherhood.

KeKe Wyatt“I know it sounds funny, but I really think that it’s a gift of mine,” she said. “That’s one of my many gifts [and] talents. It can be difficult, but when you love something and are passionate about it, it’s not really that hard.”

The soon to be mother of nine says she doesn’t believe in shutting down, because she has children.

“I just don’t believe in shutting down. I believe that’s what the Lord had for me,” she told CP. “Babies don’t get in the way of careers, we get in the way of careers. If that’s what the Lord had for me from the very beginning, there’s nothing nobody can do and nobody can say.”




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