Kenya Moore Opens Up About Her Husband “I Thank God For My Real Man”

RHOA Star and Newlywed Kenya Moore Is Opening Up About Her Husband Marc Daly "I Thank God For My Real Man"

Kenya Moore
RHOA Kenya Moore is opening up about her husband Marc Daly in a new Bravo blog post.

Kenya made the first move not Marc.

After months of self-examination, counseling, and purging myself of negative people and situations in my life, I felt ready to date. In December, I reached out to Chef Roble on a whim to see if Marc was single. Yes, I broke the rules and made the first move. I’ve never done that, but I’m glad I did!

On that emotional scene from Sunday night’s episode where she broke down to the producers.

You heard a very real and honest, but very private conversation. I was emotionally spent and broke down after speaking to Brandon. I was only two weeks into my marriage, and as a newlywed, I was supposed be in wedding bliss, but I was not.

We were targeted with so much hatred, negativity, and interference at that time, and I was overwhelmed and emotionally drained. The things that people did to try to hurt us were incredible to me. I was breaking down over the things people would say to him about me in hopes of tarnishing his image and love for me.

Kenya Moore

Kenya learned a valuable lesson from that moment.

I do regret sharing my feelings with someone that isn’t my husband. He just doesn’t deserve my s—. He’s done nothing but love me, so hearing people question his reasons for marrying me was hurtful. As a wife, I’ve had to learn that what is between us is between us. We are in this together, and he is my heart. We fight battles as a team, and together we have to deal with what comes our way. We are one. We solve our problems together and privately.

With that said, my husband Marc is a very strong and prideful person, and he is fiercely protective of me and my feelings. He will take on anyone or anything for me and has done so. I’ve never had anyone love me this way before.

She concluded her post by thanking God for her real man.

I  thank God for my real man, my real husband, and my real family. A man who doesn’t want the spotlight, fame, or my moneyjust my genuine heart. God is good.


I have to say that I love this self reflective and transparent Kenya!  Marriage looks good on her!

What do you think?


What do you think?