Kim Burrell Has No Regret’s For Condeming Homosexuality

Kim Burrell

Gospel recording artist, and preacher, Kim Burrell suffered major backlash after a video was posted of her calling homosexuals “perverted”, Burrell revealed in a recent interview that she has no regrets for saying what she said, because she is not ashamed of the gospel.

Kim Burrell“You know, I don’t regret. Some people may ask, ‘do you have any regrets?’ Absolutely not. ‘Are you regretful that the tape got out?’ Absolutely not, because I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation and it is the map, it is the constitution of the believer,” Burrell said in a recent interview with Jerri P. Beasley on “The Keep the Morning Moving Morning Show.”

“Just as we have Bill of Rights the Bible is my constitution and it is something I will never go back on,” she said.

“No, nobody lost their way. Everybody gave their opinion about how they felt about what the Word of God says and does. That’s why so many churches are empty. Somebody is preaching the Word of God for real and some people don’t wanna hear it,” she said.

“The Bible says that in the last days men will be more lovers of themselves than lovers of God. So I am so not appalled. I’m not thrown off. I’m not hurt and running into a corner to hide. I’m absolutely not belligerent and arrogant as if I created the Bible. I am humbled to the mere fact that God would give me grace to breathe His air and see His creation. I love everything and everybody that God ever created but I stick with that Bible and thank God for the Word because it’s what changed me,” she concluded.






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