Quick Quotes Kim Burrell Shares What Jay-Z Told Her About Beyonce

Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell was on  Praise 102.5 FM, where she reflected on the backlash she received from the  homophobic comments she made across the pulpit, and she also shared  what Jay-Z said about how Beyonce listens to her music.

When church folks, and  major gospel artist turned their back on her during the media storm following her homophobic comments, Kim found a friend in Jay-Z.

“I flew out to L.A., and I went to go meet with Jay-Z,” Burrell explained. “Jay-Z called me, he says, ‘Kim, I always know when Beyoncé is going through something emotional or spiritual because I always hear you. She plays you really loudly through the house. ”

Burrell continued,

“So he says, ‘This time I need that, Kim. Will you come to LA?'” The conversation reportedly lasted for two hours before she accepted the rapper’s offer.

Check out the interview below:


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