Kim Fields Living Single Reboot Not Out Of The Realm Of Possibility

Kim Fields Is Not Against A "Living Single" Reboot

Kim Fields
Kim Fields Fields, who played Regine Hunter on Queen Latifah’s ’90s sitcom Living Single, says she’s not against a reboot.

Kim Fields, who was on ABC radio promoting the faith based film, A Question of Faith, in which she stars in, was asked about the reboot.

“Well, we’ve had some really lovely conversations — quite honestly — about a Living Single reboot,” Fields shared, addressing Latifah’s comments in January that a reboot was in the works. “It is not out of the realm of possibility. And so that’s something that — you know — I will certainly explore being a part of that reboot.”

She also admits that playing the gossip-loving Regine wasn’t easy.

“She was glorious to play — again a character that was certainly not like me at all,” Fields explains. “As an actor, I look for those opportunities to be able to really again — stretch out. And that’s exactly who and what Reginae was for me.”

You can see Kim Fields in A Question of Faith in theaters now.

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