Kirk Franklin Reveals How Song ‘Intercession’ Came From A Financial Struggle


Losing My Religion singer, and Sunday Best host, Kirk Franklin recently spoke with Essence LIVE about his recent financial struggles, and a song on his latest album that was inspired from that time in his life.

kirk-franklin“There’s a song on the album called ‘Intercession’ and it was during a month where I was really in a financial crunch with my company,” Kirk told Essence LIVE.

“Being a small business man, when you can’t pay payroll bills, you’ve got to pay it from your pocket,” he explained. “And it was a month where a lot of bills hit at one time and it was really, really, really scary. It was embarrassing. It was hard.”

While sitting at the table with his accountant and his wife Tammy Franklin, and learning of the money shortage, Franklin said he started having anxiety attacks:

“I started having anxiety attacks and feeling really out of control, and feeling really, really discouraged and defeated, and my wife was holding my hand, because she could tell I was bugging out.”

Franklin went on to say,

“God just dropped a song in my heart. Sometimes, He’ll give me ideas for a song, or the melody, or the lyrics, but He dropped like a whole, complete song and I jumped from the table and ran to the piano, and the song is called ‘Intercession.’”

Franklin, continued, “It was just really very weird and compassionate, and very loving for God to be that kind, and such a father to me in that very moment, because I was really, really having a very hard moment right there at the table.”

Check out the interview below:

Check out Intercession:


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