La’Porsha Renae Explains Heterosexual Tweet To The Ladies Of The Real

La'Porsha Renae

American Idol alum, La’Porsha Renae  clarified to the ladies of The Real Daytime what she meant in her  tweets about being heterosexual, that had folks thinking she was saying that  being  heterosexual is a choice.

La'Porsha RenaeWhen people ask me a personal question, I answer it in a personal way. I can only speak from the footsteps and the shoes that I’ve walked in. We have so many variations that make us who we are. And uh the reason I even went towards uh homosexuality at first, is because I was raped, I was molested, I was abused. I saw a lot of people around me going through the same thing with men, so I told myself, “I’m not going to be with a man, I’m going to be with a woman.” And then I just you know, kind of found my spirituality. I found you know, a belief system that worked for me and I said you know what, “I actually do want to give you know, being with men another chance.” And I didn’t want those experiences to define any experience that I would have as bad with a man, so I chose to go… But that’s me, you know I never said that everybody gets to choose. I mean, I never said that. I never spoke for anybody but myself.

Watch the segment:

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