Quick Quotes: Lecrae On Lauryn Hill & Making Music That Don’t Fit In A Box


Lecrae is paying homage to Lauryn Hill, sharing that she showed him that he could love God, and make music that didn’t fit in a box.

LecraeCheck out what the rapper had to say:

There is a deep significance and meaning in this meeting for me. I love Ms. Hill’s music of course, but her music found me at a time when I had embraced Jesus outside of a traditional church context. I didn’t grow up on gospel and didn’t know what kind of music would speak to my new affections for God AND speak in my hip hop cultural language. Her music did that. She showed me I could love God and make music that didn’t have to fit in a box.

The Rapper continued,

Here was a young woman fearless enough to not conform to the misogyny the industry demanded. To be proud of her culture and heritage and love God unashamedly. She in many ways set the trajectory of my music moving forward. This moment helps me understand my supporters/fans and strive to make these moments happen for them as well. Thank you queen. #laurynhill

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