Mali Music: God, Love & The Word Comforts Him As A Man

Mali Music

Mali Music recently revealed that God, love, and the word comforts him as a human being,  as a man, when discussing getting discouraged on life’s journey.

Mali MusicIt’s kind of difficult to get a certain type of discouraged with the gift that I was given. It doesn’t make me impermeable, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be stopped or hurt, which is where love comes in but I definitely look to God, I look to love, I look to the word. Those things comfort me as a human being, as a man

Mali also revealed that he’s getting ready to shoot a video for his latest single “Gonna Be Alright”

I’m going to be shooting the video for “Gonna Be Alright” in the next week. That means it’s going to be released in the next month. Within that video, there will be a performance and instrumentation and all the things I need to express where we are and what’s going on to let everyone know that it’s “gonna be alright.” 



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