Marvin Sapp Has The #1 Billboard Debut Album With “Close”

Marvin Sapp New Album "Close"#1 Billbaord Debut Album

Marvin Sapp
Marvin Sapp has the #1 Billboard debut album with his latest project “Close”

“Close” is Marvin Sapp’s 11th studio album, and in a recent interview with Billboard the gospel singer shared that the title track is also the chief inspiration behind his latest album.Marvin Sapp

“It was the first song I heard for my new album and the first song I recorded,” recalls the singer/pastor.  Sapp was ministering at a high school in a small town outside of Valdosta, Georgia when a young man named Solomon Edwards stood up and began singing a song he’d written called “Close.”

“Immediately something in me said ‘You have to record this song, because he’s literally singing your life,’” says the affable Sapp. “And other people need to hear this because he’s also singing everybody’s life.”

Congratulations to Bishop Marvin Sapp


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