Meagan Good: Back In Church After Feeling Betrayed By The Church

Meagan Good

It’s no secret that actress Meagan Good dealt with a lot of criticism from “church” folks after marrying preacher and movie producer, DeVon Franklin.  Well Meagan has opened up to the CP about how the criticism stopped her from going to church, because she felt betrayed.  The very people she thought would open their arms up to her, and embrace her,  didn’t… Instead, they talked about her.  It wasn’t until she and hubby DeVon wrote their book The Wait,  and sharing their testimony in churches, did Good find her way back into sanctuaries across America where she found her healing.

Meagan Good“The first couple of years that I got married I really struggled with a lot of the things that were going on with some Christians as it pertains to the opinions they had about me,” the actress said. “It didn’t take me away from God, it brought me closer to God actually. But it definitely took me out of the church.”

“At that time it was very challenging for me to go into churches. I felt betrayed,” she revealed. “I felt so hurt by people I felt were supposed to love on me, have this unconditional love and really teach me in love. Whether I agree or not, applying it or not I believe in fighting for each other regardless.”

Despite her grievances with going to church, Good found herself back into places of worship when she was promoting her book, which she co-authored with her husband.

“The book really brought me back to the church. I had no choice,” she admitted. “I was promoting the book and a lot of that took place in churches. What happened was I gained so much healing and I had so much love.”




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