Michael Flynn Resigns And Hollywood Reacts

Michael Flynn

Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn resigned overnight, after being in position for less than a month.

Flynn blamed the “fast pace of events” for his resignation, apologizing for inadvertently briefing the Vice President Elect and others with “incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.”

Michael FlynnFlynn, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General who was the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, served for a total of three weeks and three days before resigning amid the controversy.

This is actually good news, since nobody thought he was qualified anyway, not even Hollywood.  Check out some of the tweets that came in last night.

Bette Midler tweeted,

Word has it that the supremely unqualified and ideological #Flynn has resigned from the NSA. That calls for a drink!!

One of our favorite tweets came from RuPaul,

National Security Adviser
Michael T. Flynn, Sashay Away.


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