OITNB Danielle Brooks Discusses Seeing Women Like Herself On The Screen

Danielle Brooks

Orange Is The New Black actress, Danielle Brooks took part in a panel discussion with Netflix on Wednesday in New York City, where the panel  touched on issues like diversity, beauty and the roles available to women.  The  panel, which consisted of all women,  shared heartfelt messages and inspiring idea’s about what they hope to see.

Danielle BrooksDuring the discussion, Danielle revealed that Countess Vaughn and Natalie Desselle-Reid were two women she admired growing up because she saw herself reflected in them: “They looked like me and they could sing and they were chocolate and they had curly hair. And so, for me, I was like ‘I want to find a way to do what they’re doing.’”

The actress who also spent some time on Broadway in The Color Purple discussed the diversity of female leads in 2017, touching on Orange is the New Black’s incredible cast. “Now, you don’t only have one female lead. You have a Hispanic lead, a transgender female lead. You have Black female leads,” she said. “It blew my mind to be on a show where there are at least four Black women that are series regulars.” Danielle did add, however, that she would love to see more plus size women in lead roles in action films or as love interests.

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