Pastor John Gray “God Chose To Put Me On That Platform”

Pastor John Gray

Pastor John Gray, the mega church pastor turned reality tv star, serves in leadership at one of the biggest churches in the country.  He pastors at Joel Osteen‘s Lakewood Church, where he reveals that God chose to put him on that platform.

“I envy people who have a life plan…like ‘I’m gonna do this and at 35 I’m gonna be here,'” he said. “I think there’s some validity to that and I celebrate that. For me, when I gave my life to the Lord and I submitted my heart to ministry, I said God wherever you take me I’ll follow.”Pastor John Gray

He followed God to Lakewood Church.

He and his wife, Aventer, walked right through with a determination that he would stay the light-hearted, joke-cracking preacher he was before.

“This is who I’ve been. It’s just that God chose to put me on that platform. But the platform doesn’t make you, it just exposes you. So, whoever you are will come out wherever you are,” he said.

He said his growing exposure means more opportunities to show a flawed man who God works on daily.

“People are more discerning than they let on. They can spot a phony a mile away. And I think that’s the reason they come out: because they know I’m real. I may not always be perfect, and I’m not. I’ve never been that, but I‘m always gonna be real,” he said.



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