Pastor John Gray On Being The First Black Pastor Of Lakewood Church

Pastor John Gray

Pastor John Gray opens up about his relationship with Pastor Joel Osteen and being the first black pastor of Lakewood Church on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Pastor John Gray“I’m this fiery, loud, kind of boisterous guy, and he’s the sweetest guy in the whole world,” Pastor John said to Oprah. “If he’s in ‘Friday the 13th,’ he’d still be this guy: ‘Jason, don’t stab people. You’re supposed to love people.’”

They may have different personalities, but Pastor John and Pastor Osteen are united at their core.

“The reason why we connected is because we have different expressions, but the same heart,” Pastor John says. “He casts a wide net of hope. Anybody is allowed to walk into that church and find hope and life. Every single person that we will ever encounter is created by the same God ― I believe that, and everybody has inherent value. So, we were able to connect.”

 Check out a clip from Pastor Gray’s Super Soul Sunday episode:

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