Pastor John Gray

Pastor John Gray  is receiving criticism from some “church folks” over what he had to say during the “Girl Talk” session last week at Megafest.

The “Girl Talk” session was done a little different than previous years.  Instead of  getting wisdom from women, they decided to add  a “man cave” section to get a man’s perspective.

In the clip shared on social media, Pastor Gray answers the question posed to the  men as to whether or not women should need the validation of a man.

“Every woman in here at some point wants a man to come home and say, baby here is $1,000 go get your nails done, get your hair done, Pastor Gray said to a standing ovation.

The clip concludes with Pastor Gray describing a man who has made sure everything in his home is taken care of.

“The bills are paid, the kids are covered, I’ve prayed over you, now handle your business, so we can have a nice night.”

I guess some folks in the “church” took issue, and Pastor Gray has decided to address it.

I wanted to add context to the video that’s been posted. It’s very interesting to me how fast some in the church are ready to vilify and judge something without proper context. I was a part of a panel of men who offered perspective during the Girl Talk panel hosted by First Lady Serita Jakes and her daughters. The question was posed to the men as to whether or not women should need the validation of a man-particularly wives. 

He continued,
My response was that wives MAY want to work, but there are times when some don’t want to HAVE to work. A a husband it is my honor to give my wife the best that I have. And most husbands would say the same. This SHORT clip is designed to get people to go to see the entire conversation. But I’ve noticed how fast things get taken out context-which is what some people want to do anyway. Some people want to disqualify you from the public discourse because they never liked me anyway. Doesn’t change what God is doing in my life. But responsibility says to offer clear context to the video-which I neither edited or saw before it was sent out. But the point I made was clear-if you have a wife, spoil her, honor her and reverence her. And whether that’s with expressions of gifts or consistent commitment, God will bless your union. Money isn’t the deciding factor in honoring ones wife. Some women desire time spent, or dinner cooked. Other women do like gifts and that’s fine too. Anyway I‘m done…..for now. God bless!


You can watch the entire conversation at bishopsvillage


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