Pastor Shirley Caesar Celebrates Her 79th Birthday Today!!!

Pastor Shirley Caesar Celebrates Her 79th Birthday on Today!

Shirley Caesar
Pastor Shirley Caesar celebrates her 79th birthday today!!

Fun Fact about Mother Shirley:

Pastor Caesar got the call to God’s work in the middle of a typing test at North Carolina Central College.¬† “Behold, I have called you from your mother’s womb and I have anointed your lips to preach the gospel.” Shirley believed that this was a message that foretold special work for her in spreading the Gospel. Around the same time, Shirley heard Chicago’s female gospel group, the Caravans, and she saw an opportunity to answer the call. She sought an audition with the group, was immediately hired, and left school for a life of singing and ministry.

And we’re glad she did!

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