[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Guest Appearance On Master Chef Junior

Michelle Obama

Our forever first lady, Michelle Obama made her guest appearance on Master Chef Junior last night (Thursday).  Mrs. Obama  was a special guest on the mystery challenge segment of the children’s reality cooking show. 

Michelle ObamaThe episode was taped prior to the inauguration when  President Barack Obama was still in office.
As the episode began, a man dressed in a suit, sunglasses and an  American flag pin brought host and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, an official-looking red phone. Ramsay placed a call, asking to speak to “the boss of the house … no, not him, I need the real boss of the house.”
The suit-clad man whispered something into his sleeve, and a screen came down from the ceiling, complete with fog special effects.
Then, she appeared on the screen.
“I’m Michelle Obama, and tonight, I am thrilled to deliver your next mystery box challenge. Please head back to your stations,” our forever first lady said.

And the winner is … Justise!

As part of her prize for winning the Michelle Obama challenge on Thursday’s episode, 11-year-old Justise was invited to the Kids’ State Dinner back in July.

“I don’t think I ever imagined that me, 11-year-old Justise from Georgia, would get to go in the White House and have dinner with Michelle Obama!” she says.


Source: Fox

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