Pics! Octavia Spencer At The Shack Movie Premiere

The Shack

The faith based film, The Shack premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City  on last night. While posing on the carpet with actress, Phylicia Rashad, and co-star Tim McGraw,  Octavia Spencer talked about how she was able to play the Godlike role in the movie.

The Shack“I played it as a mom,” she told reporters, “even though I know the character is God, it’s just not in my frame of reference. It was about healing a wound between my foster son and me, so that’s what you’re going to see when you see my performance. It was hard to imagine myself as God.” 

The Shack

Talk about a busy week for Octavia, she started it by attending the Oscars as a nominee and she’ll be ending it by hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend as her faith based film makes its debut in theaters on Friday.


Pic Credit: GettyImages

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