[PICS!]Janet Jackson Receives Music Icon Award At Out100 Gala

Janet Jackson Was Honored With The Music Icon Award At The Out100 Gala In NYC

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson was classic in black as she received the Music Icon award at the Out100 Gala in NYC.

“Words are necessary and mine are few so I’m going to try and speak from my heart,” the music icon started off her acceptance speech. “My heart says thank you, your appreciation means the world to me. My heart says thank you for being and having the courage to be who you are. Thank you for giving others the courage to be who they are.”

Speaking about the current state of the world, Jackson added, “My heart says so much of today’s public discourse is ugly, so much prejudice, so much bullying, so much narrow minded bigotry but then my heart says look at you people here tonight. You’re so loving, so giving, so willing to let the world know that differences don’t matter. Differences are beautiful, diversity is a gift. We’re all different, we’re all the same, we’re all vulnerable, were all in need of acceptance and encouragement.”

Janet Jackson


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