Priscilla Presley Has Not Left The Church Of Scientology

Church of Scientology
Priscilla Presley hasn’t left the Church of Scientology, despite reports from a publication that said she has.

Over the weekend, The Mail on Sunday reported that Priscilla Presley had left the church, following in her daughter Lisa Marie Presley’s footsteps, who supposedly started pulling away from the church back in 2008.

According to reports, Priscilla Presley reached out to John Travolta after Elvis Presley’s  death, telling him that among her ex-husband’s possessions she had found some Scientology books, and was curious about them.  It was then, Priscilla got into Scientology, and brought her daughter Lisa Marie up in the church.Church of Scientology

A rep for  Priscilla Presley confirmed on Sunday that she is still a member of the controversial church.




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