Oprah Has Inspired Longtime Makeup Artist Reggie Wells To Give Back


Oprah has inspired longtime makeup artist, Reggie Wells to give back….

Wells is giving back to his community by giving free makeovers to unknown mothers and grandmothers in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.  

Oprah“What I learned from Oprah is why I am doing this today,” he told the Baltimore Sun. “I’m doing this for the forgotten people of families. I’m taking unknown mothers and grandmothers and giving them the type of makeovers that Oprah would give.”

What inspired Wells?

For the past year and a half, Wells has been living in a retirement community in Baltimore to be near his 96-year-old father. It was his aging father who brought the self-taught makeup artist back to his hometown after living in Chicago since 1990.

It was after seeing his father and the senior women from the retirement community that inspired him to provide free makeovers.

Wells is quick to attribute much of his success to the media mogul.

“There’s no secret how Oprah is not afraid to show herself,” Wells said. “You extend yourself and leave parts of yourself behind. If you don’t give, you don’t receive.”


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