Roma Downey Is Looking To Add A Little Light To Our Day With The Launch Of “LightWorkers”

Roma Downey

Roma Downey revealed that she is launching  “Light Workers.”  The faith based film producer, shared the news with her followers on her Instagram page.

“I have such exciting news to share! I have been asked so often recently, ‘Roma, what are you working on? Roma, how do you follow ‘Touched by an Angel’ or ‘The Bible’ series?’ Well, Lightworkers is my passion and it’s coming soon,” Downey said. “Wherever there is Light there are Lightworkers.”

We’ll make you think, we’ll make you laugh, we might even make you cry… and hopefully it’ll add a little more light to your world. Pass it on.

LightWorkers celebrates the good all around us — reminding us that the human spirit is unwavering, full of possibility and capable of inspiring change.

Check out the video of Downey explaining “LightWorkers”

LIGHTWORKERS.COM from LightWorkers on Vimeo.

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